1. S

    Army Reserves during 6th form?

    Can anyone give me info on the weekly, monthly and yearly time commitment to the army reserves and how this would fit around a typical school (6th form) timetable and exams? There's no info or advice online, probably as most people in 6th form are not 18 and so wait untill university but I'm an...
  2. M

    HNC - ELC?!?

    Hello, I'm leaving next year and looking at doing a HNC in computing. Do you know if my enhanced learning credits will cover this course? Also I'm entitled to full resettlement. If my ELC do cover a HNC do you know if I could do a full degree with my ELC? Cheers!!
  3. Cornish_Knocker

    Public Services

    Ok...this is a long shot but.. I have an interview for Programme Manager in the Public Services bit in a local college. Part of the 3 hour long interview is to take a squad of (Im guessing) 17-18 year olds on a Leadership & Communication exercise, with a focus on a military skill or aspect. I...