1. chuggafugga

    A good coffee machine

    I've decided being a desk bound couch potato for the foreseeable future only having to go down the road once a day to pick, pack and take orders to the PO and for collection a good coffee machine would be a good investment. Problems with Dolce Gusto? They are shit, full stop, a cheap cup of...
  2. MrBane

    Tactical Coffee

    So a bit of a random one, but with a competition! The Tactical Coffee Company have sent us some of their coffee and kit to review, which I have duly done. Feel free to watch me drink brews for ten minutes. If you like the sound of the coffee, you could win a kilo of their next Columbian batch...
  3. BarcelonaAnalPark

    Improving Brew Fitness

    I've recently got myself into a 'brew round' with some real advanced brew drinkers. These people are drinking coffee and tea non-stop all day and there's a sort of 'man test' that if you're offered a brew, you have to accept. I've got to admit, I'm struggling to drink all these brews and it's...