1. M

    CMT personal kit and gear

    Hi, When CMTs are out on operations and exercises acting as a CMT they carry around all their medical equipment and gear in their medical burgans, but what about their own admin and kit, do they carry a small day sack along with them or is someone else carrying their crap for them? Cheers lads
  2. F

    RAF(R) and AR

    Good evening, I am starting a degree in Paramedic Science (BSc) and towards the end, I wish to join the reserves as a medic alongside a role in the NHS. I'm aware multiple people do this. I want to focus more on being a flight medic and going down that route rather than being a combat medic. My...
  3. 1andonly


    Hi, I'm trying to join the RAMC as a CMT, anyone here have any insight into the role more indepth and this is a push but any current serving CMT's what quals have you got from doing the role and do they transfer to civvie life? My goal after the military or during my army service is to become a...
  4. M

    Reserve CMT 1 in regiments

    Was wondering how it works with reserve CMTs as I know in the regulars they can make list of what regiments they wish to serve in as a medic, but was wondering if that was the same for the reserves, like for example can a reserve CMT1 choose to work with 7 rifles, 4 para (if they pass p company)...
  5. M

    Interview, GCSEs, accepted into role - help

    if you pass the maths and English test at the 2 day interview, but don't have the maths and English gcse needed for your chosen role(s) will the army see pass the 'bad' grades and let you in?? If so, dose the army provide maths and English training to achieve the grades you need? Thank you
  6. H

    Can a cmt apply for special forces selection?

    Hey, just wondering if a fully trained cmt could apply to join regular sas/sbs? i know theres med troop and black serpent stuff but working along side sf and being sf are very different things. not a wannabee, just curious. thanks for any help
  7. L

    Joining the RAMC

    Hi, I'm about to apply to join the Army and I'm interested in the RAMC. I have two questions: If I join, can I join to be a CMT or could I just end up being pinged to do something else? And, what kind of civvie quals do you get from joining the corps? Would I be able to leave my career in the...
  8. U

    CMT - Advice

    Alright Lads, Firstly I apologise if there is a very similar thread to this, I couldn't find anything very recent. I'm very keen on becoming a CMT, but was after some thoughts from someone serving or who recently served as one? I have also heard that the wait times are crazy, does anyone know...
  9. DeclynS

    Reserve CMT Training

    Ive just got my selection dates through and my first job role is a CMT after searching for a good few hours online and speaking to the recruitment team at the unit im joining I cannot find anything on CMT Trade Training. If possible can you detail where it is, how long it is and what it...
  10. C

    Self harm and 'depression'?

    Hi I'm 17, currently doing my A-Levels in order to (hopefully!) become a student nurse. I turn 18 in January and looking into signing up for the reserves as a combat med technician whilst I finish at college. I think I'm pretty much a shoe-in for the army, except for one thing. I have a history...
  11. S


    Hello, new here I was wondering im in a completely different industry at the moment but my one dream is to become a CMT. Stupid question I know but I was wondering if being a CMT would be worth losing a job on civi street that I wouldn't be able to get back into etc. what kinds of things do...