1. Kitchener

    British DPM Smock/Jacket query

    Good Afternoon all Could anyone tell me what year and type of DPM this is if that’s possible? It’s from a P Company documentary filmed in 1992 if that helps but I am unsure myself. I have tried looking online for some comparison but I haven’t been able to tell. Thank you in advance
  2. B

    How to layer clothing?

    When out on exercise what should i wear under smock and webbing, we get told to wear just t-shirt underlayer or not but i know there's more to it than that. The scenario is clothing for brecon
  3. S

    Clothing Grant / Transfer or Redundancy grey area

    I think I've read most of the policy around the clothing grant and have drafted some case work to explain why I feel that I may have fallen into the grey area between policies. I was wondering if anyone had any further expert guidance before I submit. 1) I was a regular infantry officer...
  4. B

    Best mtp webbing?

    I've heard a lot of things about different types of webbing, I've been told to get a osprey belt and add on to it and I've also heard to get something from Dixie's corner or jay jays Brecon. Can someone give me a bit of help for what i should buy?
  5. M

    What modifications can I make to assault vest?

    I have been given a desert assault vest by an ex commando, I will change the patterning and colour, I also wish to modify it to suit my self. What mods can I make to it, I might cut the side to make it more of a chest rig shape and then cover off with hemming web, I also plan on getting more...
  6. G

    Best boot polish for magnums?

    I've just got a lovely pair of magnums (sorry Altbergians!) and i polished them withy a sample polish i got, i was told not to use it after by my OC and was told to get some new polish, now Leder gris is alright, however, it's not exactly cheap for what it is, i really dont want them to turn...