close protection

  1. Richie1664

    Close protection work in the USA

    Afternoon legends, Anyone on here had work over in the states? Close protection jobs? Can you get covered with a sponsored visa to live/work in the USA doing close protection work? Thanks
  2. Simon - Quest Magazine

    Luxury Retail and Events Security Officer

    10 was formed in 2010 with their express mission being to provide Security. 10 have directed shows for renowned fashion designers and have facilitated Close Protection for a host of VIP guests, football clubs, the music industry and international athletes. For further details click here
  3. M

    Momentum Security Recruitment

    Hi All, I am an ex Royal Green Jacket, now working for Momentum Security Recruitment. Take a look at the and the jobs on offer: You can send you CV to We have a number of roles available to those leaving the forces. The Current hot job...