1. Gonk

    Any experience: "Walking with the Wounded"?

    Touchy subject, perhaps, considering - but it's recently been a case of where I've been asked [told] to get in touch (they are the only "charity" operating in my area within this field). If this is the wrong place to speak about it, please remove the post and I'll mind my own in future. I've...
  2. Simon - Quest Magazine

    Quest is 20 years old this month

    When the first edition rolled off the press in spring 1999, the aim was for it to be the essential guide to funding, courses, careers and resettlement. Two decades down the line, we hope we’re staying true to that purpose. See all our training and ELC courses here
  3. MRHQ Team

    Increasing Ex-Military employment - Service leavers & Veterans

    If you are leaving the forces and are in your resettlement phase with a few months to go or have been out for 10+ years, you can use the platform as well, it is prime time to start planning your exit from the military once you have been signed off from your RCMO. Get ahead of the game and take a...
  4. MRHQ Team

    Resettlement for Service Leavers & Veterans

    If you are in your resettlement phase or have been out of the Tri-Services for a while, the Military Resettlement Headquarters is providing jobs & training opportunities those with service number. MRHQ is revolutionising Tri-Service Military resettlement; providing transparency, restoring...
  5. Simon - Quest Magazine

    Quest Jobs

    With almost two decades of working with Service leavers to help them prepare for the next part of their working life, in the civilian workplace, QUEST is well placed to help you make your next career move. Check out our jobs listings below to find your next perfect placement … Click Here to...
  6. W

    Second jobs

    I hear more and more that serving personal are getting second jobs, just out of curiosity i wondered who has a second job, what they do any why!!
  7. Simon - Quest Magazine

    Everything ELC

    Check out the ELC training courses -
  8. T

    ISS Labour Training and Career Opportunities for ex-services