1. C

    Join 4 PARA or 21 SAS(R)

    I'm a civilian thinking of joining 4 Para or 21 SAS(R). I'd like to know which would be more interesting. What types of operations could I be involved in? I've read "A Quiet Soldier" by Adam Ballinger which is quite dated and I've read much about 4 Para recently. I can kind of understand what 4...
  2. C

    Best local regiments for life experience (poll)

    Background info: 21 year old, this poll will help me decide a lot. My local ones are Infantry, MP (but furthest away and is bullshit to get to at rush hour), Logistics, and Royal Artillery. I work full time and a Saturday shift every four weeks however get an extra day off on my weekend...
  3. Pilot_1993

    Army Air Corps or to take Civvie route instead? My Dilemma

    Hello all, I'm sorry in advance if this is in the wrong section of the site. I’m new to the forums, but I’ve been in the process of applying for the army for a couple of months now. I have so far passed my formal interview which took place a few weeks back. I’m mainly interested in the role...