1. chuggafugga

    USA vs China - Would it REALLY happy or is just willy waving forever...

    Pondering over it, the 2 largest Armed Forces against each other, lets face it, if the USA was really serious about taking on China it would do more than just pansy sanctions, the USA would do everything in it's power to avoid going toe to toe with a nuclear power. China aren't ISIS, they have...
  2. M

    The Emperor's Feast, A History of China in Twelve Meals

    Review by Metellus Cimber II The Emperor's Feast has attracted exceptionally good reviews in a range of publications. The reviews are justified: this is a fascinating book, which will appeal both to people who enjoy Chinese cuisine and to historians, serious and amateur. The title is slightly...
  3. NSP

    UN "complicit" in Uyghar genocide, UN lawyer alleges

    I was listening to Maajid Nawaz's show on LBC this afternoon and he was discussing the plight of the Uyghars again and had this UN lawyer on who claimed that the UN was helping the Chinese identify dissidents prepared to speak out about the Uyghar genocide so that the Chinese could imprison...
  4. T

    Will my plan to live abroad refuse my army application?

    Hi all, First off, apologies if this question has been asked previously, however if it has I can't find it and searched for hours now looking for an answer to my concern. So I've now come here to see if any of you can help. The issue I have is this: I am dead set on joining the army...
  5. B

    Applying to the Int Corps - detrimental to future work abroad in China/Russia?

    Hello all, I am currently applying to 5 MI battalion - a reserve intelligence unit. If I am not accepted into the Int Corps reserves, I would instead like to go abroad for a few years teaching English. The best places (in my opinion) to do this are China and Russia. Does anyone with any...
  6. Grey Fox

    The (Insert nationality here) military hardware trolling thread. Comments are required with initial post or will be deleted

    In this thread I suggest to discuss about news of Chines Airforce. Just for start: First time spotted: J-10C with the cruise missile KD-88. Earlier J-11B and JH-7 were spotted with it.
  7. seaweed

    Imperial Twilight

    The author has already published on China, in whose history he holds a PhD. Here gives us a clear account, not without an eye for irony, of the rather forceful way this vast but mentally isolated and isolationist Empire was opened up to trade. A somewhat elysian vision of 'pre-war' China might...
  8. CptDanjou

    China sets up in Djibouti

    Creeping in slowly..... China sends ships, troops to 1st overseas military base in Horn of Africa
  9. chuggafugga

    India - How arrogant can a country's population get?

    I've spent quite a long length of my time in India observing racial sentiments, and after a good few years and reading up on open articles, I've now got a clearer idea in my head that India is more of a country which is turning quite arrogant as the eyes of the world turn to its incredibly fast...