1. Noob1

    Awaiting Chef Training

    Can someone tell me what it’s like as a Chef in the British Army in this day how many exercises you go on what the shifts are like or whether you mainly work on a camp cook house? (Recent insights would be preferred) All info is appreciated though, cheers (Awaiting phase 3 of my training going...
  2. Noob1

    Joined as a Chef but having second thoughts

    I joined the army and started my phase 1 in September 2019 and have been at Leconfield since December doing my phase 2 and have enjoyed my time in the army so far and awaiting to go on to do my Chef course at worthy downMy Dad served in the Infantry for 20+ years and that’s what encouraged me to...
  3. Noob1

    Joining as a chef basic training questions

    I have recently completed my AC in Scotland and got my start date for phase 1 basic training in pirbright starting on the 8th of September. My job role is a chef in the rlc and wondered if they taught you how to drive/ helped you get your driving licence in basic training like other job roles...