1. Noob1

    Fund raiser - Young lad, Prevent Homelessness

    LINK - Help raise £6600 to Fund Ex soldiers living costs and prevent homelessness Purpose for the fundraising - Prevent homelessness and debt, Ex Army. 21 Years old. Background information - I joined the Army in September 2019 to escape my traumatic home life with my mothers ex husband. and to...
  2. D

    VEDay75, £7.50 For 75 Years Of Freedom

    I am proud to be a serving member of the British Armed forces and have been deployed all over the world in the service of my country. Every year I raise money for charities associated to the military and this year is no different. This year I will be asking you to donate £7.50 to mark the 75...
  3. D

    Captain Tom Moore - millions for the NHS

    There are a couple of mentions in one other thread, but thought this old boy deserves one of his own. He's a 99 year old raising money for the NHS - as I type, a shade under £7.7 million so far. His original target was £1000. BZ to him. Link to the donation page, if you'd like to...
  4. Auld-Yin

    Running For My Life

    This is not a tale of someone running away from the Mafia but of a young man traumatised by his days as a soldier in Iraq and wanting to put something positive back into the world. Following medical discharge and suffering from depression Jordan, his life in bits and his marriage...
  5. R

    Looking for a Rescue Dog? Channel 4 documentary series wants to hear from you!

    Hello all, Bit of a random one, do bear (woof) with me - I work for an independent TV production company and we're making a Channel 4 primetime documentary series which will follow the stories of rescue dogs and the people who want to re-home them. I'd really like to spread the message out...
  6. Tappet

    Donating Kitchen

    I’ve recently bought a flat to renovate, and will soon be ripping the kitchen out as it’s a bit tired, but perfectly serviceable. The kitchen consists of 10 cupboards, and a oven/hobs that work. Does anyone know of a charity that I could donate it to? Ideally one that collects (though I’ll...
  7. Rhino_Stopper

    Stoll CEO to run London marathon

    As you all know, Stoll are the leading provider of supported housing to vulnerable Veterans and provide affordable, high-quality housing and support services to over 600 people each year. Their work enables people to lead fulfilling, independent lives.
  8. T

    What are the Rules on Charity Work during Army time?

    Hi all, Could anybody help me out with some info: I am looking to assist a charity during working hours and I have been told to find out what the rules are and see if there is a DIN or similar, regarding Charity Work in work time? I will not be using any resources, or being paid in any way...
  9. Goatman

    Combat Stress - call for Scotland based volunteers?

    Hi all, Saw this and wondered if any Arrse members North of the Border could help out? Ping @Auld-Yin @Fang_Farrier @fairmaidofperth Passed on for what its worth,please relay . Many thanks. LINKY Do you live near Ayr and are free this weekend? Marks and Spencer Foodhall, Heathfield...
  10. I

    Phoney Charity Collector

    Morning/evening all. My name is Holly and I run a Facebook page called Incidents in North Yorkshire (hence the username) and it has been brought to my attention that there is a fake charity collector for Help for Heroes wandering around Catterick Garrison who has also been seen in Newcastle. I...
  11. STABross

    Combined Forces Calendars

    Are these guys the real deal or scammers. Me mam is asking the question but I've never heard of them. Anyone got info? Combined Forces Calendars - Supporting Our Troops
  12. pongo6863

    PTSD Charity

    A friend of mine has asked me to post this link to a new charity promising aid to PTSD suffers. Donations and/or offers of help will be gratefully received.
  13. Bris

    Marathon Music

    Ladies/Gents/Assorted creatures, For reasons that escape me now, but were apparently very clear when 6 pints deep one night, I've signed up to run a marathon. In Uganda. Yes, I am aware that there's one that's kind of a big deal closer to my London home, and yes, I'm aware that the country...
  14. Cambs84

    Advice Website

    As many of you are aware there are a huge amount of military charities in the UK, some estimate put it at over 3,000. This can make it very difficult for people to know which one to turn to for their need. I am looking to create a website that lists most of them and their services, so people...
  15. B

    Shamelessly asking for your hard earned cash

    I have set my podgy civilian self and 3 useless chums the task of the three Welsh peaks challenge for late March. The chosen charity is help for heroes and any donations or publicity you could give us would be most appreciated. I'm sure resting with the knowledge that there's a ginger, 2...