challenger 2

  1. S

    Chally Replacement / Upgrade Programmes

    Could someone give me a list of the various different Chally upgrade or replacement programmes that the MoD have cooked up? Cheers in advance!
  2. Forces Digital

    Reports: "Arrogance" Behind UK Refusal To Buy German Tanks

    Britain reportedly turned down the opportunity to purchase a fleet of second-hand German tanks, even though they would have been able to operate for a decade longer than the upgraded Challenger 2. The move, which would have cost around the same as the Challenger 2 upgrade currently being looked...
  3. TheBritishBrit

    Joining the RAC - I'm on the fence, but i want to do it.

    Hi all, It's been sitting on my mind for a long time, and i'm taking steps and pushing myself towards a goal, that goal is to join the RAC. Once I'm physically fit enough, I should be set to pass phase 1 and phase 2 (All being optimistic, but i guess i'm determined), as i have good experience...
  4. jonesmrjones

    British Army Cribs

    Me and another Army Phot shot this last week for #tank100 What you think?
  5. B

    Inspection and Examination Times?

    Greetings Guru's (hopefully), Need to pick the brains of a couple of decent experienced ECE's, A Mechs and Armr's/ Gunfitters. If you were given the platforms listed below, how long would you need to carry out a thorough inspection and/ or Examination of Ordnance? Take it that you have never...