1. Norn_ireland


    CDT I was wondering how true this is seeing as the army test for steroids, there's a supplement called sarms which has more than one variation for different aspects, the one im interested in is called RAD140 which is for musclure development, I heard about this awhile ago and heard rumours of...
  2. A

    Growth Hornone

    Hi Not in the forces, just quick couple of questions. 1 Does the CDT pick up Growth Hormone? 2 At what part of the selection process does the military drugs test a candidate? Regards Andi
  3. Noob1

    Can you take D-Bol in the army/ CDT?

    I know a lot of people take D-BOL supplement for working out in the army... just wondering if you were allowed and if it would should up on a CDT? serious replies only please, happy Friday!
  4. B

    Do I need to bring a prescription with me to the Medical test and drug tests?

    Hey guys I’m 15 and I’m currently on medication containing codiene for the pain, I’m worried that this will show positive for heroin in my drugs test but I can’t just stop a few days before (I assume it’s a urine test) as I’ll be in a bit of pain, I don’t know if I’ll still be on medication then...
  5. W

    CDT Process

    Please excuse if this is posted in the incorrect sub-forum, I am not military and your lingo is somewhat confusing in aiding me posting in the relevant place... I am currently writing a research paper as a part of my PhD in chemistry. One of the subjects is workplace drug testing. As you all...
  6. G

    CBD oil and CDT

    I have not taken nor will i ever take drugs. What is the stance on CBD oil in terms of the CDT? It contains no THC and as such it does not get you high. Will taking it make you fail the test? CBD oil is known for its benefits and it sold widely and legally in shops across the UK. Im sure...
  7. chuggafugga

    Crime pays, or does it?

    Perhaps old news to some but something to show the Border Force do more than reject immigrants etc The sad story of how a trio on a small fishing vessel were recently caught with nearly a ton of 70% pure cocaine with a street value of £82m I particularly liked the part where the captain of the...