cdt records drug

  1. Norn_ireland


    CDT I was wondering how true this is seeing as the army test for steroids, there's a supplement called sarms which has more than one variation for different aspects, the one im interested in is called RAD140 which is for musclure development, I heard about this awhile ago and heard rumours of...
  2. W

    CDT failed, got booted, ways around reference?

    Fully expecting bare flak but been kicked out for CDT failure and after some advice please. Does anyone know a way around a bad reference? Or what they will even say on my reference? Any information would be appreciated Thanks in advance.
  3. D


    Where can I obtain my CDT records? iv asked the med centre, my CoC, army personnel centre, nobody knows! I need them for a court case involving my child and my ex, she's doing everything to stop me, or at least prolong seeing my son. Does anyone know anything? Thanks in advance!