1. C

    CCF CFAV non-commissioned ranks ?

    I am aware that the CCF - since 2018 - has had Sergeant Instructor (SI) like the ACF, but have they gone up to the Staff Sergeant Instructor, CSMI, RSMI etc, like the ACF? Wiki says they have, but I am not sure... Thanks. Side note, why do CFAV ranks start at Sgt and not L/Cpl like the Cadets?
  2. Solitaire97


    What do I need to know? I have decided to change direction and have joined the ACF as CFAV or PI. I am currently in the OTC but after 3yrs have decided that I am no longer getting anything from it and frankly, I’ve wasted at least a year due to unfortunately being part of one of the lowest...
  3. M

    Personal Role Radios On Patrol

    Just found out that we are going to have PRR's on our ex this week just wondering how many other Detachments have PRR's on their exercises?
  4. minger

    Anti army??

    Hi all, I'm involved in setting up a CCF in a secondary school. I have run into a lot of resistance from staff who seem to think I'm creating a new hitler youth. Have you any advice/counter arguments in favour of the benefit to school kids by participating in the CCF? I'm just curious to hear...