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  1. untallguy

    To War With A 4th Hussar

    To War With A 4th Hussar is a personal memoir by Peter Crichton and published long after his death by his son. They describe his experiences as an armoured Troop Leader fighting in Greece in 1941 and then as a Regimental and Brigade officer in North Africa and early in the campaign in Italy...
  2. JINGO

    The Yellowlegs.

    The story of the United States Cavalry, Richard Wormsers book cover the whole period of existence of horsed Cavalry in the various American armies spanning the earliest days of the militias fighting the British in 1776 to demise of their mounts in 1917. This engagingly written book is studied...
  3. R

    Light Cav vs Armoured Cav

    Having read a couple of similar threads on the topic I was wondering if anyone in the know wrt current doctrine could clear up some questions. 1) Apart from the vehicles used, what are the differences in operational capability and specialism between light cavalry and armoured cavalry (range...
  4. R

    Regimental Choices

    I am a female and I am considering the HHC. I am getting so many different conflicting views on this, especially from the recruitment team (one didn't even know that women were allowed to join the HCAV). So bluntly, are women at a disadvantage in what is considered, up to now, a male bastion...
  5. T

    Potential Cavalry Officer

    Hello everyone, I’m a 23 year old graduate and have started to think seriously about trying to join as a regular officer. I come from a very army family, my father served for nearly 40 years and I was at a military school (DoYRMS). Although I don’t think I’m the usual army ‘type’ a lot of...
  6. J

    SCOTS DG Officer

    Hello all, I'm currently looking into my options in joining the Armed Forces, I've been researching all three forces and several regiments within the Army. I've been repeatedly drawn to the SCOTS DG because of their history, unique uniform, role and my fondness for highland culture (I find the...