carpenter and joiner

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    Carpentry and Joinery

    Hello. I’m looking into joining the royal engineers as a carpenter. I’ve just finished my 3rd year at college doing carpentry and I have a level 3 diploma in it. I was wondering if I would have to do the carpentry training course with the engineers and do everything I’ve done the last 3 years again.
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    I want to join the Royal engineers joiner and carpenter

    Hi I want to join the army and learn a trade preferably joiner but I was looking on the website and it said I would need GCSE A-D/9-3 in at least English language, maths and science I have no idea what those are because I left school at 13 to join collage and I done a two year construction...
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    RE carpenter and joiner

    I applied back in November and just waiting for my ADSC date and I'm undecided regarding this role or my second choice Vehicle mechanic within the REME. I just want to know how often you use your trade as a carpenter within the RE? What qualifications do you receive when completing class 1...