1. MoleBath

    Caribbean Legion and it’s Mercenary Air Forces 1947-1950

    The immediate post war years were tempestuous times in the Caribbean with much coming and going of strong men presidents and a keen US interest in those leaning to the left. The Caribbean legion was a shifting alliance of progressive forces seeking to democratise the region. Not as a Marxist...
  2. Tapion

    10% Discount At Tapion House, St Lucia

    Tapion House is run by my wife and I in the upscale Tapion district of Castries, St Lucia, West Indies and overlooks lovely Tapion Bay. We are retired from the Canadian Army, having served for 45 years between the two of us. We have two suites that we rent out to vacationers, although one is...
  3. Tapion

    British Military History In St Lucia

    My wife and I recently moved to St Lucia in the West Indies. Near our home is a British fort with a variety of coastal artillery pieces. They are pre-1874 given the VR vice VRI markings and appear to be 10.5" smooth bore guns. The island exchanged hands some 14 times betwen the British and...