1. S

    Reserve Training Timeline Experience

    I have applied to become a reserve solider in March 2020, specifically joining the RLC. I completed my Alpha over 4 weekends at the start of 2021 and was booked to go onto my Bravo in the summer time. However on the day that I was to go, my squadron called to say that they got my Bravo...
  2. U

    What army jobs involve working with animals?

    I'm currently studying Animal Management at college and am thinking of where I want to go in the future. I've been drawn to the army due to my passion for health and fitness and the strengthening of the mind. I'm currently 25 so with that in mind, is there any careers in the army with which I...
  3. W

    Career fail ?

    Dose anyone know anything about what counts as career fail and how you go about making a claim ?
  4. itwasVTEC

    Is Recovery Mechanic any good ?

    Hi folks, im 18 and looking to apply for recovery mechanic as one of my 3 options, just wanted to get to know the role a little better and talk to those who have actually been a recovery mechanic them selfs. A little info about me, i flopped my GCSEs predictably, got 3 on everything, i have...
  5. N

    Joining at 27 after a long application process

    Not to bore anyone just looking peoples opinions I passed selection January 2018 was about to leave for pirbright in March 3 days before Intake I was told they had found out I had a medical issue and cancelled the intake after a long appeal it has been passed and I’m waiting a new selection date...
  6. B

    Help with Royal Signals career choice!

    I have been wanting to join the military for years now. I think now is the right time for me. Just looking for some further information about the Royal Signals - this is the area I think best suits me. The role of Communications Engineer-Systems Engineer appeals to me the most. So just a few...
  7. J

    Issue sorted, please delete

    The GNR to LBDR Board sat for my Regiment and I came very top of said board on the grading, all pre requisites ticked. I was informed I had come off the board but due to pids would possibly be moved to a different BTY to promote. A few months went by and nothing happened but multiple people...
  8. Simon - Quest Magazine

    CTP Job Fair

    CTP Employment Fairs - a fantastic networking opportunity, whether you’re ready to apply for live jobs or simply researching the market. More info here
  9. S

    Career Mismanagement / Service Complaint

    I am looking for some information regarding career mismanagement and putting in a service complaint regarding it. I have been in the infantry now for 5 years and have completed my JNCO Cadre over a year back ending in what I was told at the end of the course as a promote now. It has now been...
  10. G

    What's the best career in the army?

    Just curious tbh
  11. C

    Career failure?

    I feel I have been career failed. Since promoting to lance corporal I got myself course qualified straight away so I was eligible to promote again as soon as possible. Whilst injured I was moved into the post room where I was promised to be out within a year and ended up spending 2 and a half...
  12. M

    Do you have to be from an area to be in that areas infantry

    I'm not joining but I'm just curious to know that if you were in Wales and you wanted to join say the pwrr, do you have to be from down south to join and would the careers office have to be there to allow you to join, my mate said he was talking to a royal Welshman and said he wanted to join...
  13. T

    ISS Labour Training and Career Opportunities for ex-services

  14. M

    Loss Prevention Manager - London

    Great role for the right person. Momentum Security - Job take a look at
  15. G

    The Guards

    I'm joining as a guardsman and am choosing between grens. and coldstreamers, would any of each one have any major changes, advantages or disadvantages, in my career? Opinions on them in terms of ceremonial duties please Cheers for the replies, are there any height restrictions in general and...