1. kiwidoug

    Car Breakdown Cover

    I've just had a renewal notice from the RAC, which has increased from 11.50 a month to over 16. Does anyone have any recommendations as to other providers like Green Flag?
  2. Simon - Quest Magazine

    Audi Vehicle Technician

    We will provide you with world class training to enhance your existing skills over a 6-14 month programme to become a qualified Audi Technician. This will be the first step of your new Audi career, progression is key to our ethos and we will nurture you to drive your future at Audi forward. To...
  3. Tappet

    Mercedes - 400k car recall

    Mercedes-Benz recalls 400,000 cars in UK Seems to be an issue with the airbags; better check if you own a Merc.
  4. Simon - Quest Magazine

    Head of Government Car Service

    Part of the Department for Transport, the Government Car Service (GCS) literally keeps Government moving, providing cars and drivers to a range of high profile Government departments. Offering an exceptional level of service to Ministers, the Cabinet Office and other senior Whitehall staff, the...
  5. Simon - Quest Magazine

    Learner Driving Centre (LDC)

    LDC operates one of the most successful national driving school networks in the UK. Rise above the rest, train with the best and join a team that works…. In the last 12 months we have experienced a dramatic increase in the number of enquiries from people who want to learn to drive with one of...
  6. guzzijon

    The Grand Tour.

    Not seen any threads on this- although there are obviously a plethora of Top Gear ones. Today's Sunday Times magazine has been mostly turned over to all things Grand Tour, with individual articles by Clarkson, May and Hammond as well as Andy Wilman as well as an interview of the trio by Camilla...
  7. M

    Taking car To Minley

    As per the title, if we're doing phase 2 Royal Engineer training at Gibralter barracks in Minley are we allowed to take our personal car with us?
  8. S

    White Fleet for posting?

    Apologies if this has already been covered, can't seem to get any answers. Question is, I've recently been selected for promotion and recieved a posting order. I want to know if I have any sort of entitlement to white fleet to move some of my equipment. As some of it is expensive, and I'd...