1. C

    Appeal failed

    I’m confused as to why my appeal was denied, initially the problem was for autism and an “anxiety/depression” case which was over the period 2014-2018. This was in and out of Camhs with only a brief bit of therapy lasting a few months. It feels like my appeal wasn’t even properly looked at with...
  2. A

    Recruitment frustrations

    Would be keen to know if anyone else is having similar experiences at the moment. I've been booked onto AOSB briefing since October, it was due to be tomorrow. One hour ago I got a phone call from my CSM saying I can no longer attend due to reduced covid capacities and theyre conducting roof...
  3. S

    RMAS rejected medical

    Afternoon all The RMAS medical assessment team Capita rejected my medical due to a couple of counts of depression I had at university (it was not serious as I never hurt myself or required to go to hospital for a period of time, that is not to say i don’t think it’s a serious issue) to me it...
  4. Dark_Nit

    C(r)apita - saving costs by stopping recruiting

    Signing up for the RAF? Don't bother – you've been Capita'd Nearly all Air Force recruiting grounded, online system blamed Capita’s disastrous Recruiting Partnership Project with the UK Ministry of Defence is so bug ridden that the Royal Air Force stopped taking on new recruits except for those...