1. Noob1

    Joined as a Chef but having second thoughts

    I joined the army and started my phase 1 in September 2019 and have been at Leconfield since December doing my phase 2 and have enjoyed my time in the army so far and awaiting to go on to do my Chef course at worthy downMy Dad served in the Infantry for 20+ years and that’s what encouraged me to...
  2. C

    Para reg tattoo

    Hi lads, sorry if it’s wrong section. Just curious about something. Passed my PRAC today and the Corporal told us to not go and get a tattoo of the Para cap badge when we come back for training (which I definitely would not do anyway) as they have earned theirs. How has he earned the right to...
  3. A

    Halfway through basic and don't know what to do

    Hi everyone I'm 18 with duck all qualifications and halfway through basic. So I'm halfway to pass off and originally wanted to join the RAC, however I clocked that I only have few GCSEs and the RAC doesn't offer much to take back to civvie with you. Unless I'm wrong here. What corps would be...
  4. G

    Cap badge history

    Hi people, I've been trying to find some information on the origins/history of reg cap badges, but have so far come up empty. Specifically I'm looking for info on the Queens Own Yeomanry running fox cap badge. So any military history buffs out there I'd appreciate your theories and facts. Of...
  5. Tappet

    Custom Desk Tidy

    Hello good folk of Arrse, I'm in the market to commission a custom desk tidy for my brother, and don't really know where to start. I'd like to incorporate a brass plaque - formerly one of the door 'push' plates (5-6" tall/wide once cut down) from the guardroom at Buller Barracks - it was...
  6. Bluebell Minor

    REME Museum

    Getting messages that REME Museum has a new logo based on modified crown. What's wrong with REME badge. Have a look see and if you agree sign the petition and let them know. I just signed the petition, " Change the New REME MUSEUM Logo." I think this is important...