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  1. Robbo_72

    The CANZUK Connection

    Lots of drips and drabs around here, Might as well start a central chinwag on this fabulous plan of world dominance ;) I've been a fan and have been getting updates regularly over the last year or so... For those not in the know, it boils down to this: "A campaign to implement free movement...
  2. S

    Army Reserve moving to Canada

    Hello! First time posting so apologies if I’ve missed the thread where this is already answered. I’m a new army reserve and also work full time with another company. That company is looking to relocate me to Toronto, Canada which is a dream of mine but as a new army reserve, I’m keen to stay...
  3. C

    Canadian Elections Around The Corner . . .

    October 21st, 2019 is the day . . . The country is somewhat divided. Even people who got JT elected are now not sure if he's who he is. With rental costs skyrocketing across the country, unfulfilled promises and recent scandals (Against women) within the government itself, this might be the end...
  4. Guns

    Thinking of come to visit, work and/or live in Canada? Read on.

    This thread is a depository of useful advice for visiting or Emigrating to Canada. Separate threads exist for Military to Military stuff. Immigration and citizenship - - Your first stop for all immigration matters Canada - British Expats - An excellent forum for all things...
  5. terminal

    New Fast Jets for Canada

    This thread is dedicated to Canada's efforts to replace its existing F-18s with new planes. Previous debate on this topic has taken place as tangential discussions in the F-35 thread. This thread will provide a place to discuss events in a broader sense, as there is no decision yet in Canada as...
  6. K


    Going Canada for 8months. I know I get LSA and LOA but can I claim any tax back for being outside the UK for more than 6 months or does anyone know if I'm entitled to anything else.. thanks
  7. RoyalGreenJacket

    Canadian Police shoot dead Muslim 'suicide bomber'

    one of the Muslims in Canada was shot dead by Police today before he managed to carry out a suicide bombing in an attempt to murder and maim many in the name of his religion: Muslim Suicide bomber killed after Canadian Mounties thwart terror attack a lucky escape for the Canadians from another...