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  1. R

    Acf training manual

    does anyone have a recent copy of the acf drill manual?
  2. G

    What is a military personality?

    I keep hearing the phrase tossed about that some ex forces cfavs still have a "military personality/mindset" and "military humour" can someone explain what this is?
  3. Simon - Quest Magazine

    School Staff Instructor

    Stowe School Buckingham is looking for a School Staff Instructor to work with its Combined Cadet Force from September 2017. Responsibilities include oversight of training and safety, compliance with MOD regulations; range, drill and weapon instruction, supporting officers in charge of single...
  4. M

    Help, new lance jack

    Basically, I used to be a little shit in cadets but then sometime I pulled my socks up and soon became a lance, however, people don't take my little authority seriously and I get the feeling that it's something to do with a previous CDT. Me Can someone give me a hand on how to get people to...
  5. minger

    Anti army??

    Hi all, I'm involved in setting up a CCF in a secondary school. I have run into a lot of resistance from staff who seem to think I'm creating a new hitler youth. Have you any advice/counter arguments in favour of the benefit to school kids by participating in the CCF? I'm just curious to hear...