1. D

    Places to live, near London - suggestions please

    Hi Everyone, As mentioned on my other thread in this sub-forum, me and the Mrs are looking at moving house. We currently live in SW London, and are looking to escape the Capital. We have several places on our shortlist, and were wondering if anyone who'd live there could provide a honest...
  2. Bris

    Rising Damp

    Hi All, I'm currently going through the process of buying a 2-bed ground floor/lower ground floor (built on a slope). Just got the Homebuyers Report, and there's a couple of walls which have rising damp; not ideal. What is the general consensus - buy & fix (and reduce my offer), run at all...
  3. Bris

    Property; 1 hour from London

    Hi ladies/gents, I'm looking at buying myself a bachelor pad, somewhere within 1 hour [motorbike] commute of Canary Wharf. I'm looking at a 2 bed place, budget up to £200k. Ideally with covered parking or garage. Any ideas? I'm already sniffing around Rochester, bug anyone know anywhere...