1. chuggafugga

    Is the RBL aka Royal British Legion now simply a scam?

    Was reading on a FB thread where some bloke posted about the RBL having 80 million quid of cash reserves, surely with that amount of dough sitting in the bank... almost seems like a scam but tarnishing the image of the poppy appeal will surely make brits like me furious but asking where does the...
  2. D

    Resettlement Help - In the Service of Yourself, Paperback and E-Book

    All, Below is a link to a recently released book, entitled In the Service of Yourself. It's written by an ex-Navy lynx pilot who spent a lot of time flying with the AAC and was also a JTAC for a bit. He now runs his own tech business. It's available on Amazon and is aimed at helping all...
  3. Cynical

    Unleash Your Leader - How to Win in Business

    It used to be a mantra at Sandhurst that while leaders may or may not be born or made, everyone benefits from thinking about how they lead, and how they might lead better. If this is true of leadership in highly structured armed forces it is even truer in the more chaotic word of commerce...
  4. Simon - Quest Magazine

    Sales Manager Required

    We are looking for a hardworking individual to create new business. NO PREVIOUS SALES EXPERIENCE REQUIRED BUT STRONG INTEREST IN HEALTH AND FITNESS For more information CLICK HERE
  5. Simon - Quest Magazine

    Ex-Forces Programme - IT and Business Specialities

    If you’re in the forces and considering a second career, FDM is the next step to bridge that gap - Train in IT and business specialties on either the traditional or advanced route in one of our award-winning academies To find out more click here
  6. Simon - Quest Magazine

    ELC Training Courses

    For all your ELC Training Courses, Funding, Further Education, and Jobs read our latest edition here.
  7. Simon - Quest Magazine

    Recruitment Sector

    Looking for self-motivated individuals that would like to operate their own business with guidance and full training prior to commencement of operations in the recruitment sector. Further details here