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    Army Officer Selection Questions

    Hi guys, hope everyone is well. Been looking around for awhile and lurked here for a quite a long time and have found a lot of answers to questions I have had with the army but one I haven't found is about how often there are Officer Briefings and the 3/4 day assessment board at Westbury if you...
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    Questions about UOTC, Sandhurst and HCav

    I've been looking in to the specifics of joining the army a lot recently as I'm off to uni in October. ARRSE seems to have been the best informed place on the internet to get answers to some questions, and plenty of the threads I've read through have been super helpful. But I'm still left with a...
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    HELP! Need Student Nurse Information EXPIRED

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    Any experience required for PQO entry?

    I'm looking to join the army as a doctor after uni. I'm also looking into the medical bursary scheme but because I've heard it's highly competitive to get into, would I be at a disadvantage if I haven't had any previous army experience like family history in the armed forces...CCF at school etc?