burma railway

  1. Auld-Yin

    In the Shadow of Death by Idris James BARWICK

    The Story of a Medic on the Burma Railway 1942-45 Idris Barwick was a driver in the RASC who had a very unlucky war. Being part of the BEF he was evacuated from Dunkirk. After some time he was sent to Singapore arriving just a few weeks before its surrender! Barwick had been selected to be...
  2. Auld-Yin

    Last Post Over the River Kwai

    In 1938 the 2nd Bn East Surreys, a regular army battalion, were sent to Shanghai to guard the International Compound during the Japan-China War. Brought up to war establishment for this posting the Battalion soon settled in to what was, in effect, a large prison, freedom of movement was not...
  3. MoleBath

    A Cruel Captivity by Ellie Taylor

    From The Knights of Bushido and The Bridge on the River Kwai, tales of the Japanese brutality to their POWs abound. For every recorded war crime there must have been scores committed in unmarked clearings, deserted kampongs and in rivers or at sea. In Germany the SS and Gestapo murdered British...