1. D

    Australia is the dead end of the planet

    Australia is the dead end of the planet. People are rude. They don't look at each other. Houses are not homes, they are over priced commodities. Everything is over priced - $10 for a sandwich anyone? $12 for eggs? Parking at $7 and hour and fines are huge!!! School. The place where the...
  2. S

    Joining the British army from Malaysia?

    Hello, I apologize if I didn't post in the right section, but I've been exploring my options and one of them is joining the British army. I'm a Malaysian national of Chinese descent and my grandfathers served in the British army before and after the Second World War. Many of us have. Our...
  3. Fus2505

    Opinions on Bullying and how to eradicate it

    OK , well this is a divisive and emotive topic. The general thought of Bullying is two kids one bigger than the other and the smaller one being made to feel like a dogs dropping. The reality within the forces ranks is completely different and those that have been on the receiving end can attest...