1. Smeggers

    Kit Reviews Gecko Models Bedford MWD 15cwt GS (open cab/aeroscreen) Truck Kit

    Gecko Models 1/35 Bedford MWD 15cwt GS (open cab/aeroscreen) Truck. 35GM0025 Gecko Models have certainly got the bit between their teeth when it comes to British Army static models. Hot on the heels of their MWC Water Bowser (35GM0024) comes this little model, and not before time. I have...
  2. NSP

    Reference Image Cruiser Tank - Comet

  3. C

    2 WWI British 6 Pound Artillery Casing Marking Identification

    I have 2 British 6 pound casings. I was wondering what all of the symbols meant. More importantly the Anchor and the "B, Crow Foot, number" on each. Below is what I have been able to find out with some research: 6 PR: 6 pounder artillery shell Roman numeral III: Mark III (3) casing (What is a...
  4. Y

    Medical Question

    Hi everyone, Not sure if this is the right place to ask this but I'll try my luck. I just applied to the British Army Reserves in hoping to become a REME Weapons Systems Engineer. My worry is that they might not let me on because when I was 15, I had 2 random epileptic seizures in the space of 4...
  5. P

    2015: First year without British casualties?

    Obviously it hasn't ended yet but is 2015 likely to be the first year since 1968 without fatalities overseas? No link I'm afraid except this old Guardian one British forces' century of unbroken warfare set to end with Afghanistan exit