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  1. TAZ2


    Well... Just a quick one to find out who else will be going to glencorse?? And what should I expect from staff? Shinyyy Taz
  2. Luminae

    Looking for feedback: Luminae Garmin Foretrex Mount.

    What do you guys think of this? Luminae Garmin Foretrex Mount. All feedback is appreciated, any questions please ask.
  3. S

    The Rifles 4

    Hi was looking at potentially joining the rifles as an officer next year and was wondering if I’m able to get in and there are positions available would I be able to go straight to Rifles 4 or would I be sent to another battalion first?
  4. Trilby

    Tommy Goes to War

    Introduction by Professor Gary Sheffield This is a thirtieth anniversary reprint of a seminal text on the Great War. Not only is it one of the first books to start building a new narrative of the British soldier's war from the ground up, in so doing it also provides a good, accessible short...
  5. Cynical

    British Army Of the Rhine

    Britain’s contribution to the land part of the Cold War was collectively known as the British Army of the Rhine (BAOR). Throughout the period ((1945-1993) at least 55,000 troops were garrisoned there, initially to keep the Germans down but mostly to keep the Russians out. That’s a huge amount...
  6. W

    Monty's Functional Doctrine

    This book seeks to answer an intriguing question: given his superiority in firepower, equipment and intelligence, how did Montgomery experience such difficulty in breaking out of the Normandy beachhead after the D-Day landings. The Wehrmacht, despite the odious regime it defended, is widely...
  7. sirbhp

    No Way Out

    In Helmand province in July 2006, Major Adam Jowett was given command of Easy Company, a hastily assembled and under-strength unit of Paras and Royal Irish Rangers. Their mission was to hold the District Centre of Musa Qala at any cost. Easy Company found themselves in a ramshackle compound, cut...
  8. M

    British Army Assessment Peak Flow

    I am attending the Assessment Centre at Glencorse on the 8th of August and I am happy with my physical health, mostly. I have my 1.5 mile run down to under 8 minutes and I can carry 40kg up to 200m. But I am concerned about my medical. I understand that I will need to partake in a Peak Flow...
  9. seaweed

    A Young British Officer in India

    In1845 the nineteen year old Ensign Charles Nedham, HM's 10th Foot(later Royal Lincolnshire Regiment) set out by sea to India to join his unit. He kept a journal and in 1849 made a fair copy of it, less whatever pages had been mislaid on his travels. The result has been edited for publication by...
  10. untallguy

    The Battle of Majuba Hill

    This book examines the reasons behind one of Britain’s more embarrassing imperial episodes, the Transvaal Campaign of 1880-81 and the disaster of the battle of Majuba Hill where regular British troops were comprehensively defeated by Boer irregulars and routed. The author, Dr John Laband...
  11. A

    A reminder of the past

    Hi all , me and my father have recently started our own little business that may be of interest to some of you. my father now 64 is a former member of several different regiments in the british army and was present during the troubles in Northern Ireland during the seventies , he much like so...
  12. M

    Any news on Commonwealth recruits joining the British Army ?

    " We don't currently have any vacancies for commonwealth applicants. If you have applied, and not heard from us, we will keep your details, and will get back to you if there are any suitable opportunities in the future. " This is the only news I have been able to find out about this topic for...
  13. G

    What is a military personality?

    I keep hearing the phrase tossed about that some ex forces cfavs still have a "military personality/mindset" and "military humour" can someone explain what this is?
  14. R

    British Army Portraits Please Help

    The British Army is a diverse and proud organisation with a cherished heritage. ‘Soldiery’, both as a portraiture exhibition, and its subsequent book, has been a project that focused on historically documenting the modern British Military in a contemporary reflection of historical portraiture of...
  15. S

    Joining the British army from Malaysia?

    Hello, I apologize if I didn't post in the right section, but I've been exploring my options and one of them is joining the British army. I'm a Malaysian national of Chinese descent and my grandfathers served in the British army before and after the Second World War. Many of us have. Our...
  16. H

    Specific case of 'joining the British Army'

    Hello everyone. I am planning on joining the British Army as a regular ( soldier ). I have not really decided what role I am going to apply for, but it most likely will be a combat role. I also had in mind to maybe apply for the Royal Military Police, however... Not decided yet. Since I am not...
  17. Forces Digital

    Duelling Army Officers Burn Down Mess

    Two officers attempting to settle a disagreement by duelling with flares at a British Army base have set fire to the officers mess, according to Forces TV sources. The officers decided the solution to their argument was to each take a kayak into the swimming pool and fire flare guns at each...
  18. G

    Help me on these statements

    Earlier today as speaking to ex soldier. He said to me that he saw that soldiers get treated like shit and that the infantry role is boring and involves sitting on camp doing **** all. Also what prospects are after infantry
  19. M

    Infantry enquiry

    I'm hoping to join Harrogate in the next year or so and I'm hoping to join the paras or the guards,m y questions to myself are should I join paras, reg infantry or LD, I like ceremonial but im still deciding on wether or not I would personally want to make a living of it, my main concern is that...
  20. T

    Opinions on Douglas Haig

    I've got a history essay on interpret ations of Douglas Haig, can you give me any? Cheers
  21. T

    Light gunner or observation?

    Instead of going cavalry, I'm going to the gunfuckers, min issue is which role, I've got my eyes set on light gunner or observer. Could I have some advice on this and also could I change if I wanted to?
  22. T

    What is brigade reconnaissance?

    I may be joining the QDG soon but I'm wondering, what is brigade reconnaissance? Will I get bored with it? Is it worth doing that or joining the light dragoons. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  23. pazzer

    I'm joining the signals and have been told it's terrible

    I've gone through my application, chosen my role and all ready to go in as an Electronic Warfare Operator. However, my brother who is currently serving in the Air Corps as a grounds crewman told me it's going to be the most boring role ever due to not currently being in wartime and also because...