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british army medical

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    NEED URGENT ADVICE. Medical issue.

    Hi all. I've applied over two years ago and due to a Doctor giving non updated information on my medical file it resulted in a fail. I appealed it twice with updated information and it finally passed and I went to Glencorse assessment centre. I got in the medical office and sat for 10 minutes...
  2. C

    Removed teeth

    Hi I really need some help I had a phobia of dentist but I’ve recently just had 9 teeth removed I’m due to go in the army in 14 days and sent my medical form back to the assment center in Scotland by my dentist will I get refused to go in the army. Thanks
  3. L

    Army Medical Appeal

    Basically, Long-Story Short: I Applied for the British Army “April 2019” & Was Formally rejected “June 12th 2019” - Due to “2 or more episodes of Anxiety” I was a young carer for my family member & I went to my GP to get some help for him and some support for myself handling this situation...