1. H

    AOSB Briefing MAP test pass mark?

    Hello, I have my AOSB briefing next month and I am confident in all aspects apart from the MAP tests. Verbal reasoning is fine and numerical reasoning is ok but I rarely finish in time. However I struggle the most with abstract reasoning. The time limit is the worst part as I always find myself...
  2. Ο

    Fitness and bleep test mismatches (hopefully)

    Hello first post here, pleased to meet you all. I’m at the pre briefing stage of a general entry officer application, I’m pretty happy I’m at or close to being at all the standards required, but the bleep test is proving a bit of a nightmare. I’m sure there are dozens (I’ve read some of...
  3. M

    Army Officer Selection Questions

    Hi guys, hope everyone is well. Been looking around for awhile and lurked here for a quite a long time and have found a lot of answers to questions I have had with the army but one I haven't found is about how often there are Officer Briefings and the 3/4 day assessment board at Westbury if you...
  4. M

    Soot the Suit at AOSB(B)?

    Briefings are set to resume from Jun 01. Post-lockdown Briefings are truncated 6 hour affairs and the Joining Instructions state: ''To limit the amount of clothing needed at the briefing event, you are asked to wear sports clothing and training shoes under a track suit or similar clothing over...
  5. W

    Soldier to Officer

    Hello all, I am currently going through the process and would like to ask someone a few questions regarding AOSB and PODC. How did you prepare for the MAP tests? Much appreciated!
  6. C

    My Top Tips for AOSB briefing and MB

    Hi guys, not sure who this will reach. But hopefully I can help a few of you with any questions on passing AOSB briefing / main board. Both are extremely fresh in my mind and I for one know how daunting and nerve racking the whole process can be - especially with all the unknowns ahead of you...
  7. Newbieloo

    Help with army briefing (regular soldier)

    Hi I have looked about online for info on what happens in an army briefing but all people are talking about is joining as an officer and something that goes on for more that 1 day. I have a briefing at my local army career centre on Monday at 10am, the lady said it would take 2 hours tops so...
  8. O

    AOSB Briefing Diary

    Thought I'd add my experiences here. Hope it helps Briefing Log Day 1 Introduction Once I’d arrived at Westbury we were put into the mess to form into our groups, before heading off for an introductory talk by the board’s Vice Principal. He basically explained the coming tasks and what...
  9. UXO

    Just passed AOSB

    Hi All, Been lurking for a while but since I passed AOSB on Friday 10th and got my letter Sat 11th (once the postie had stopped chatting up some Mum outside my house for 10 mins) I thought I'd better sign up. Time to jack this crap job in and start getting shouted at. I'm a Maths grad and...
  10. O

    Briefing/Main Cool Down Period?

    Anyone know if there is a cool down period between getting a cat 1 at briefing before heading off to Main Board? Cheers
  11. S

    Briefing and Main Board advise/thoughts

    Hi guys, Just thought I would post my thoughts and hints/tips from my experience to anyone going through the process. Fitness: The required standard is 10.2 on the bleep test and 44 press ups/50 sit ups. It surprised me how many people failed and at the lower levels as well. Don't think of...
  12. 2

    AOSB Briefing - fitness

    Okay so I've been a bit of a twat, I was doing very regular phys for a year or so and over summer, stopped for about a month because of a lot of things happening and couldn't find the time. I have briefing in less than a week and stupidly was cocky enough to believe that I was fine on fitness...
  13. C

    2016 Briefing/Main Board Tips and Answers

    I am aware that for anyone with either their briefing or main board approaching there will be questions and worries and not all answers can be found. I have recently passed main board and briefing (both this year) so everything is still fresh. I'm happy to answer any officer related questions...
  14. A

    Mental Aptitude Tests

    Hello all I've just passed my initial interview and continuing with practicing my mental arithmetic, etc. I was wondering how much harder the numerical tests are compared to the practices or other psychometric tests? I'm no stranger to these tests as I've completed many during my business...
  15. Trasky

    Army Brief and AFC Harrogate September 2K16

    I've got my army brief next week, if I get through everything then I'm on the September intake. Anyone else in the same shoes as me or have any advice? Thanks in advance. I'm sort of confused about what the brief is, is this basically the interview where they would talk to you about everything?
  16. C

    Different categories awarded at briefing? Explanation…

    So, after searching other threads and stickies, I have failed to find my answer, therefore have resorted to posting here!! I have my AOSB briefing in two months and need clarification on the different categories awarded. Although I understand the difference in numbering (cat 1, cat 2, etc), I...
  17. T

    Changes to MAP Tests

    Hi All, I have just completed the AOSB briefing and, with help from these forums, was prepared enough for a Cat 1. With this in mind I would like to give a heads up about the MAP tests. At the end of the first day four groups were volunteered to be guinea pigs for a new system of tests. They...