1. Cynical

    The Prime Ministers

    There is a saying in the Army that an officer’s annual confidential performance report tells the reader at least as much about the author as it does about the subject. This seems to be the case with this book, which comprises the author’s reflections on the leadership of recent prime ministers...
  2. Red Hander

    How can the government get Brexit over the line?

    Firstly, apologies for staring another Brexit thread. Mods: I have tried to be specific about the questions raised. If you think they are too generic, feel free to delete. The purpose of this thread is to seek the informed views of Arrsers about three questions: 1. How can the government get...
  3. Ceremonial Duties

    Ceremonial Duties

    Cartoon from Sunday Telegraph August 2019
  4. Electromagnetic

    Shit happens. Alternatives to toilet paper after Brexit

    BBC's Politics Live had a roving report from a UK tissue and toilet paper manufacturer. Although a proportion of finished product is imported much of it is manufactured in the UK, However, a large proportion of raw material is imported from the EU. It was claimed that there is only a few weeks...
  5. Red Hander

    What happens if the government loses a Brexit-related HoC vote?

    Dominic Grieve has today said: "We could collapse the government and I can assure you, I wake up at 2am in a cold sweat thinking about the problems that we have put on our shoulders." Full story here: Government 'could collapse' over Brexit deal My question (and I don't know the answer so...
  6. Guns

    UK aviation and BREXIT

    10 ways Brexit could hit UK travellers The Government just admitted Brexit could ground all flights Here's what will happen if all flights are grounded on the first day of Brexit Just to remove some of the load from the BREXIT negotiations thread I have opened this one. I think @Cloth...
  7. Robbo_72

    The UK Rail Network

    How would we sort this mess out? Kind of convenient some of the rail networks are "not working" following the Ref. And the Head of Southern Rail got a raise.....To half a million a year! Stinks of EU corruption to me, I bet if someone were to follow the money, One would end up in Brussels...
  8. Guns

    Results are in and it is leave the EU

    This thread is to discuss the Leave result for the referendum. What next? Who will lead negotiations? This is current affairs and normal posting rules apply.
  9. CptDanjou

    Gibraltar & Brexit ?

    WTF is going on in Brussells with regards to Gib ? I thought it was nothing to do with Europe any more than the rest of the UK? Brexit: Outrage as Spain and EU accused of taking back Gibraltar
  10. RCT(V)

    Britain Signs Up to Massive European Military Integration

    Do we accept “breitbart” as a reliable source? CLAIM: Britain Signs Up to Massive European Military Integration Despite Brexit Vote “The plans use all means at the EU’s disposal to encroach on every single area of UK defence planning,” warned Major-General Julian Thompson, a decorated veteran...
  11. CRmeansCeilingReached

    Boris Brexit Downfall video: Well, that escalated quickly...

    Some of you may already know that I made a little video on Sunday, and stuck it on YouTube. Apparently it's become quite popular, and got almost a million hits in 4 days. Just want to reassure you all that fame hasn't changed me one bit; I'm still fat and unemployed :)
  12. mess pres

    BBC News article on Basra

    May be of interest to some on here who served on Op Telic. I found it quite a enlightening article. The article is broader than the title may suggest. Why a mother had to visit the place her son died - BBC News