1. J

    Stripping boot polish

    So I recently got a pair of highlander ranger boots from a mate of my brothers who was in the TA, and I wanted to beeswax them to parade mirror gloss standard but I'm not quite sure how to remove the polish that's already there any ideas? P.s. I have looked all over Google/YouTube/arrse threads...
  2. MrBane

    AKU Selvatica Tactical Mid GTX

    Time for a bit of disclosure on this one – I love AKU. I wear the AKU Pilgrims daily and have done for years, but even they have been pushed in to second place by the new Selvatica Tactical Mid GTX boots from AKU. As such, this review will be totally and unashamedly bias in favour of these...
  3. Trekitt


    BUY YOURS NOW What's new? This is the brand new Pilgrim FG GTX model based on the AKU Pilgrim M2 GTX. Trekitt were instrumental in getting this boot on the issue list and we are immensely proud that a boot we originally designed in partnership with AKU is now officially recognised by the MOD...
  4. S

    What polish to buy for my boots?

    Hello , I start phase 1 on the 30th and I’m just wandering what’s the best polish to buy for your boots? Thanks
  5. L

    YDS vs Bates Temperate Patrol Boots

    Hi there! I've recently been looking into getting some boots for the winter, and I was wondering if anyone had experience with YDS and Bates Patrol boots? What are the pros and cons for each boots, and which ones are the overall best?
  6. Marshall28

    Non-issue boots dilemma

    Used the search function but found no similar threads: Apologies if in wrong place. I did PRAC back in April and noticed that the boots we were issued on the course varied from brand new ones or totally bollocksed ones that looked like they saw action at Trafalgar, I lost the game of boot...
  7. Trekitt

    The New 6" AKU Pilgrims MOD Brown GTX Have Arrived!!!

    The new 6" AKU Pilgrim MK2 MOD Brown GTX boots are now in our Hereford shop and on our website! With the addition of a Gore-Tex lining, your favourite brown military boot now stops water ingress so your feet can remain dry when out on exercise. This first drop of boots only contains 300 pairs...
  8. Trekitt


    The New 6" AKU Pilgrims Have Been Deployed! The new 6" AKU Pilgrim MK2 MOD Brown GTX boots have left Italy and will be arriving in Hereford very soon! With the addition of a Gore-Tex lining, your favourite brown military boot now stops water ingress so your feet can remain dry when out on...
  9. G

    New boots won't shine

    I got a new pair of altberg defenders and I've also got leader Gris mod brown. No matter how much I polish them they won't shine or at least look smart. I need this squaring away before next Thursday as we have a st David's day parade with HM the Queen.
  10. Haix

    How to Reduce Long Term Foot Issues

    In the past 5 years, sales of men’s footwear have risen by nearly 10%, and British men are now spending £1.46billion a year on shoes. Perhaps unsurprisingly, British women spend more on their footwear - £2.39 billion per year. Footwear is clearly something we are all prepared to invest in and...
  11. T

    Which Boots are Better

    Hi All, I am currently considering between two boots the Bates (Military, Tactical, Security Boots & Uniform Shoes | Bates) 8" Tactical Sport Zip Boot and the Maelstrom Tactical (Maelstrom Tactical - Tactical Boots and Apparel) Tac Force. I have known and worn bates for quite some time, however...
  12. J

    RMAS Issued boots

    Right fellas! I need a new pair of (walking) boots and thought I'd kill 2 birds with one stone and buy a pair boots that I would get issued at basic training and/or sandhurst (depending on if I pass my AOSB) to a) get used to boots instead of using trainers for everything and b) have a pretty...
  13. T

    Strange Pain Whilst Tabbing - With Weight

    Hi guys Apologies as i know this has been done to death especially with shin splints. I used to get shin splints but lots of practice has solved them, however now i am experiencing a new type of pain. Im in the infantry and therefore have to carry 25KG whilst maintaining a 15 minute mile pace...
  14. Ex-Ten

    Altberg Tabbing Boots

    I'm thinking of treating my feet to a pair of Altberg Tabbing boots. As boot construction varies between manufacturers (my last issued boots were DMS NI hightops) I would like to ask if anyone who wears them can tell me how hard the leather is and consequently are they easy (painless) to break...
  15. G

    Best boot polish for magnums?

    I've just got a lovely pair of magnums (sorry Altbergians!) and i polished them withy a sample polish i got, i was told not to use it after by my OC and was told to get some new polish, now Leder gris is alright, however, it's not exactly cheap for what it is, i really dont want them to turn...
  16. ViolatorOfVirgins

    Lowa Urban Military 2 - or something else?

    Hi! After 4 years of using Sneekers, they started to fall into pieces (or, to be more correct, the leather have a holes in it from constant bending), the (non-standard) sole is almost flat, the lining isn't really good either. In short- I need a new replacement, I was wondering if anyone tried...
  17. jockparamedic

    Haix Boot Trial

    New Boots arrived today. First impressions are good. Not a fan of the issue Haix boots but these look and feel a whole lot better. (Don't look like a pair of wellies) Size is slightly larger than issue boots (7) i.e. Altbergs but once i put my orthotic insoles in and shoved a pair of thick wooly...