1. Lost Tango In Paris

    Lost Tango In Paris

    The world's deadliest terrorist is on the loose... and only one man can stop him.
  2. Mission From God

    Mission From God

    A book of revelation. A Jack Small novel.
  3. Deep Boat

    Deep Boat

    The toughest SBS mission ever. Apocalypse.
  4. Lima Two Zero

    Lima Two Zero

    It's Armageddon time... for Luton.
  5. Kilo Two Zero

    Kilo Two Zero

    Iraq, Afghanistan... and now Leicester.
  6. d20.GIF


    Bradford 2008. And it's all gone pear-shaped.
  7. Operation Chaos

    Operation Chaos

    The gripping true story of a mission that never happened.
  8. The Boyos From Brazil

    The Boyos From Brazil

    Objective London. They're on a mission from God.
  9. The SAS Guide to Surviving in Outer Space

    The SAS Guide to Surviving in Outer Space

    Take a deep breath... and wear gloves.
  10. The SAS Roadkill Cookbook

    The SAS Roadkill Cookbook

    You'll never go hungry on the A528.
  11. The SAS Guide to Self-Defence

    The SAS Guide to Self-Defence

    Man-the-**** up!
  12. The SAS Guide to Feng Shui

    The SAS Guide to Feng Shui

    They won't be laughing when you move their coffee table.
  13. The SAS Divorce Survival Manual

    The SAS Divorce Survival Manual

    Get over it you puff.
  14. Le Waltage

    Le Waltage

    Sur la porte avec Jim - and much more.
  15. Vogue


  16. Vulture Squadron

    Vulture Squadron

    So secret, they didn't exist.
  17. Dead End

    Dead End

    Jack Small is on a one-way trip... and there's no turning back.
  18. Acropolis Now

    Acropolis Now

    Jack's back in business. The business of death.
  19. Death Score

    Death Score

    There's bad cops... and very bad cops.
  20. Hollow Point

    Hollow Point

    Justice comes in one size only: 9mm
  21. Shinner's List

    Shinner's List

    In the pocket of the Brits and a traitor to the cause. The book Sinn Fein didn't want you to read.
  22. The SAS Guide To Global Recession

    The SAS Guide To Global Recession

    Jap-slap your way to success
  23. Doom Troop

    Doom Troop

    Their mission? To fail.
  24. Blow Off

    Blow Off

    Sometimes things are better out than in.
  25. Blade Point

    Blade Point

  26. Blood Orange

    Blood Orange

    Piracy, betrayal... and a ship-full of fruit.
  27. Operation Fiasco

    Operation Fiasco

    It was a party nobody wanted to go to... and Jack Small had an invite.
  28. The Fat Lady Sings

    The Fat Lady Sings

  29. Saw Blade

    Saw Blade

    The power of persuasion is a deadly weapon.
  30. Axe Wound

    Axe Wound

    Blood diamonds are a girl's worst friend.
  31. Ocean Of Blood

    Ocean Of Blood

    The gripping true account of the SAS and the war against Hitler's U-Boat menace.
  32. Eraser


  33. Apes Of Wrath

    Apes Of Wrath

    Inside the wire with the RAF's elite Short Range Desert Group.
  34. The Sheepshank Redemption

    The Sheepshank Redemption

    He took on the system... and tied it in knots.
  35. Death Grip

    Death Grip

  36. Scare Plane

    Scare Plane

    'This is your captain speaking. We are diverting to... paradise!'
  37. Gash


    The deck is stacked & the odds are high.
  38. Bomber Jacket

    Bomber Jacket

    An anthology of action short stories by the readers of ARRSE.
  39. Shot To Bits

    Shot To Bits

    Sir Alan McIlwraith. A Life in Pieces 1978-2011
  40. Forty Shades Of Green

    Forty Shades Of Green