1. Spike Varty

    Book Release

    I have written a series of three books which I have combined into one the synopsis below. The books follow the career of Richard Hunter a young man from the North East of England. From his early day in training through until he joins his Regiment in Germany in the early 1980’s. It encompasses...
  2. O

    My Grandad's Salty Dits

    Hello all readers, I recently went to visit my Grandad, Anthony Molloy, an ex-RN and Merchant Seaman who now lives in spain. When not worrying about being deported back to the UK in the event of a 'Leave' vote or being denied his daily tot by my (no-doubt) long-suffering Nan, he writes a heck...
  3. seaweed

    RAF War Books

    My daughter in law who was brought up as an RAF pad brat gave me two VG RAF books for Christmas. 1. 'Into the Dark' by Reginald Wilson & Janet Hughes (RW's daughter) which is the story of RW, a Bomber Command Pathfinder Navigator, his 1944 escape from a burning Halifax over a suburb of Berlin...