bomber command

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    Pathfinder Pilot

    This is the posthumously published memoir of a Bomber Command pilot (R.A. Wellington) who started his career with Main Force, moved to a Pathfinder Squadron and, upon being rested, to a staff job at Pathfinder headquarters. It is difficult to know exactly when the memoir was written; although...
  2. dockers

    Bomber Pilot

    Bomber Pilot, Leonard Cheshire VC, OM, DSO & two bars, DFC, with additional commentary by Dr Robert Owen Official Historian 617 Squadron Association This small volume reproduces Leonard Cheshire’s book, Bomber Pilot, published in 1943, and is accompanied by Dr Robert Owen’s analysis of the book...
  3. seaweed

    RAF War Books

    My daughter in law who was brought up as an RAF pad brat gave me two VG RAF books for Christmas. 1. 'Into the Dark' by Reginald Wilson & Janet Hughes (RW's daughter) which is the story of RW, a Bomber Command Pathfinder Navigator, his 1944 escape from a burning Halifax over a suburb of Berlin...