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    Ammunition Technician

    Hi all, Was wondering on the actual realistic role of an Ammo Tech. I'm a female, very keen to be in the 'thick of it', and am currently considering Ammo Tech, STA Patrols, CMT or Infantry, having ruled out officer entry. I worry that this role won't have the variety of a more combat and...
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    Hello, I have a few questions about this role before I put forward my application. First off, the 2 day selection at Kineton what should I expect and how can I prepare for this? Also what are the day to day jobs of a Ammunition Technician, I know that you are responsible the safe keeping of...
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    IEDD operators....Traditional Call Signs?

    Just curious what ATOs or IEDD operators traditionally had as a Call Sign if they had any. thanks TheŁËĞÊÑĐ