black watch

  1. Auld-Yin

    The Black Watch and The Great War : various authors

    This book consists of stories from the BW Regimental Family covering the Great War and come from various sources. Each story tells a bit about a section of the Regiment, for instance the Arbroath High School Section tells of the section made up of pupils and teachers of the school. The Janitor...
  2. W

    Royal Regiment of Scotland

    Hello, is there anyone here currently a serving or an ex officer in the Royal Regiment of Scotland? Would love to have a few questions answered!
  3. Auld-Yin

    The Piper of Tobruk: Pipe Major Robert Roy MBE, DCM

    Every Regiment can turn out an individual who is known throughout the Regiment and beyond due to their deeds and often their character and the Black Watch have done this in spades with this book. This small book brings us the very full, but relatively short life of Robert Roy MBE, DSC; The Piper...