1. Themanwho


    First, a declaration of interest: I’m a fan, which will become evident.. This is the final Bernie Gunther novel, who for those lucky souls unaware, is the central character of thirteen previous books chronicling the fortunes and misfortunes of the German police detective, soldier, war criminal...
  2. JINGO

    The Berlin Airlift.

    As The celebratory cheers of VE Day had barely died in the throats of a war weary population, Europe was being carved up by the Victors with a view to ensuring that never again would Germany threaten the peace being imposed upon it. However those in power were far from oblivious as to how the...
  3. RoyalGreenJacket

    Truck rams into Christmas Market in Berlin

    Berlin police: Truck runs through Christmas market - fatalities and multiple casualties reported....
  4. Bad CO

    Berlin Olympic Stadium Complex

    Oh wearers of puttees, 58 pattern webbing and users of weapons with low fire rates and outrageously heavy ammunition, we've had a request from Germany: I'm sure a few people on here may have knowledge of this .....