1. S

    Bouncing bomb - worth it???

    Hi all, I've had a few ups and downs with civvy dossbags. Broken zips and the like. I keep wondering how heavy the bouncing bomb is in KG? And how on earth much else fits into a short back Bergan (yes I'm a midget) with a bouncing bomb inside it. Is it worth investing in a civvy 4 season doss...
  2. N

    Wanted : short back tailored Bergan. Dixies or jay jays

    Seeing if anyone has or knows of anyone selling a tailored short back Bergan. Give me a shout if you have would save me sending mine away to be done. Cheers
  3. Bad CO

    First Tactical Tactix Backpack/Daysack

    I arrived home on Friday to receive the message we all dread sitting on the mat. Following a quick trip to the Post Office on Saturday I returned home with a fairly large and undamaged parcel. The slightly concerning thing was that it was addressed to the website and I had no real idea what it...