1. S

    Benefits Compliance telephone interview

    Looks for some advice please I have received a letter for a compliance interview. I am in receipt of ESA and had been working whilst in receipt of benefit I notified hmrc and wrote to the DWP when I started work last summer. I have since left the job as it was too much for me still as I still...
  2. S

    Benefits War Pension ESA and going back to work.

    Afternoon Looking for some advice please. I posted a similar thread a few months ago but I am now looking for information. So a little history I was injured in the Army and I receive a 60% with the unemployablity supplement along with ESA support group, I have been unable to work and have...
  3. chuggafugga

    Pay Day Loans... the blight of poor people?

    Had this through the door whilst sifting for mail, now I'm quite content with my finances and even If I do need to buy something on credit I've got an excellent deal with Nationwide building society anyway at 12.9% APR. So it appears Provident are going around littering the whole of the UK with...
  4. J

    Joining the AGC as a Royal Military Police Officer (Is it a good job?)

    I’m currently looking to become an Officer in the Army (I’m 16 atm) more specifically, to join the AGC as a RMP Officer. I’ve always loved the idea of the Army and the Police and when I found out about the RMP, I thought it was a dream job. I could earn great qualifications and a myriad of...
  5. chuggafugga

    ATOS Healthcare & PIPS, any experiances?

    I've had a very serious issue with this agency, after sustaining an epileptic seizure and being medically discharged I was basically introduced to what was known at the time as Disability Living Allowance, after a consolation with my GP was issued a sick note and advised of DLA. Now Atos as...