1. C

    BBC: The Riots 2011: One Decade Later

    BBC link Good doc, from police & public perspectives.
  2. Graculus

    BBC: Russian ship says it fired warning shots against HMS Defender

    Well...edited to cover essential update
  3. Electromagnetic

    In praise of the BBC - What do they do well?

    Much as we like to have a good old grumble about the BBC and how it wasn't like that when we were sprogs, if they go, I reckon a lot of us will miss them. We may not miss the hard left "comedians" or the chat show hosts who earn more than the PM, the antics of some partial presenters or regular...
  4. Themanwho

    The Noble Liar: How and Why the BBC Distorts the News to Promote a Liberal Agenda

    The Noble Liar is a study of the role of the BBC in changing the very society which pays for it. Written by a former BBC journalist, the book argues convincingly that the BBC reports on everything through a prism of left leaning, liberal, socially permissive bias. Aitken charts the gradual...
  5. HE117

    The Last Post

    ... new series from the BEEB! 1964 Aden.. what could possibly go wrong! Looks quite good from the trailer..!
  6. GrumpyWasTooCheerful

    Mort, on Radio 4 podcasts.

    BBC Radio 4 Extra - Terry Pratchett, Mort, Episode 1 enjoy
  7. guzzijon

    BBC Stars' Pay Revealed.

    Here's the list from Media Guido:- Some quite surprising. I'm not a particular fan of Clare Balding but I'd have thought she'd earn more than someone like Gary Lineker. Here's the link for more on this story:- Guido Fawkes - Parliamentary plots and conspiracy
  8. Ned_Seagoon

    BBC News: On the ball for Armed Forces Day....... Not quite.

    I was pleased to see that the BBC's online news pages had reasonable coverage of Armed Forces Day this morning. However, why oh why did they have to illustrate the article on their Wales page with a "torso and arms" parade photo of distinctly non-Brit troops wearing old US choc-chip combats? I...
  9. GrumpyWasTooCheerful

    Actress Liz Smith dies

    Obituary: Liz Smith - BBC News Sadly, one of the great character actresses has had her final curtain coil. I'll always remember her from I Didn't Know You Cared. The best 1970's comedy the Beeb ever produced (and that includes Fawlty Towers, in my book). And my personal favourite clip...
  10. guzzijon

    Bogdanor on the Falklands

    Tonight (Thurs 24th March 22.00-23.00) on the BBC Parliament channel. Recorded coverage of the lecture by Professor Vernon Bogdanor on the Falklands War and its political impact. The lecture took place on the 8th, here:- The Falklands War, 1982
  11. guzzijon

    Welcome Back Jezza!

    Likeminded readers of the Sunday Times will, I'm sure, have missed Jeremy Clarkson's contributions in the News Review and Driving sections over the summer months. So it was nice to see him back in both today. In the former giving some hint as to the nature of his enforced sabatical and limiting...