battle of the bulge

  1. Joshua Slocum

    The Americans and Germans in Bastogne

    I might be going out on a limb here, but until the excellent Band of Brothers series, Bastogne was really only of interest to historians and servicemen studying the battle as a part of the the course of the war, to many people it was familiar for the Americans being taken by surprise in the...
  2. BratMedic

    A GI in the Ardennes

    American arms, equipment and uniforms during the Ardennes counter offensive aka the battle of the bulge. This extremely well illustrated book covers just about every aspect you could think of about the GI during this period. From arms and uniform through training, weapons qualification...
  3. MoleBath

    The Americans: From The Ardennes to VE Day

    Illustrated war histories can be a series of loosely related photographs assembled with little effort and dumped on the market in the run up to Christmas. This book from Brooke S Blades is in a different category. The author has assembled 245 pages of text and illustration devoted to a 5 month...