battle of britain

  1. Trilby

    To Defeat the Few: The Luftwaffe's campaign to destroy RAF Fighter Command, August-September 1940

    A sizeable 384 page hardback, Dildy & Crickmore's 'To Defeat the Few' is an operational/campaign history, intended to look at the Battle of Britain on its own terms and assess the reasons behind the Luftwaffe's failure to achieve victory in what the authors describe as 'history's first...
  2. Pteranadon

    Churchill’s Few: The Battle of Britain

    Review by pteranadon This the book of the 1985 TV film of the same name, republished for the 80th anniversary. It contains material not used in the documentary which was based on the stories of half a dozen British, one Polish and one German airmen. No pictures or maps and the history is thin...
  3. guzzijon

    The Spitfire: Britain's Flying Past - BBC2 tonight 9pm

    Just a heads up. I hadn't seen this advertised, with John Sergeant.