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  1. C

    Maths exam during basic training

    I completed my basic training back in 2011 at Bassingbourne. When I was there I had to sit a maths exam as part of the training. I didn’t receive a certificate from the test people but have proof I passed it from my discharge papers. How would I go about getting hold of this qualification as I...
  2. M

    Safety razors in basic?

    I've been thinking of getting a safety razor for when i start catterick, but i havent seen any up-to-date forums discussing if they're allowed or not because of having to bring razor blades with it. If there's anyone who knows as of this year if they are or aren't permitted, please let me know
  3. K

    So in basic training and u receiving £15,900+/year, does it include accommodation,tax and food or it has already been subtracted and it's left £15,000

    If you are in basic training and you are receiving £15,900+ per year, does it include accommodation, tax and food or it has already been subtracted and it's the left with £15,000
  4. X


    So I’m currently in basic training getting ready to go on a 5 day exercise in a few weeks. I’ve only been on one so far, and my boots are excruciatingly painful, the top of the boot bruised the whole part of my leg and made it extremely painful every time I walk in those boots. I asked my staff...
  5. E

    Dog Handler requirements and basic training preparation

    I have wanted to join the Army for as long as I can remember but due to being on antidepressants I have had a 2 year referral and have to wait until June 2021 to reapply. At first I wanted to join the RAMC but after looking at dog handler I have decided that’s exactly what I want to do. I was...
  6. W

    Anyone starting basic training at ATR Winchester January 17th 2021

    I'm joing the Royal artillery and start my first phase of basic training on the 17th of january 2021 at ATR Winchester. Is there anyone else one here joining at this date?
  7. F

    How hard is the running at Catterick?

    I start CIC at Catterick in January (going for the rifles), I feel mentally ready and I'm confident in upper body but Im a really weak runner, My 5k time is between 27-30 mins depending on when I run (slower in the mornings before I eat). Am I going to really struggle or will I be fine, a few of...
  8. L

    2011 Phase One Basic vs 2021 Phase One Basic

    Hello, Did my training back in 2011 left in 2014 (Discharged for bad conduct) was young naive, immature and f'd up a few times. Anyway signing back up 7 years later and was wondering how basic training has evolved over 10 years. I went to ATR Bassingbourn in 2011, I believe i will go to...
  9. S

    Christmas at pirbright

    Just wondering what happens during your basic training at Christmas time? I’ve seen previous posts saying 2 weeks off but that was from 7 years ago, wondering if it’s any different today?
  10. J

    Basic training Catterick

    Anyone going to ITC catterick 8th of November for infantry training?
  11. J

    Basic training kit list for catterick?

    So i passed my assessment 2 weeks ago and I'm awaiting a date to start basic but I want to make sure I take what I need, so when I checked the army website it had 2 kit lists one for catterick from 2009 and one from pirbright from 2017, has anyone here been given a kit list for there basic...
  12. L

    Anyone been given Pirbright basic training start date?

    Had a date for 31st march but delayed and no update yet, anyone been given a date yet? Joining royal engineers as electrican
  13. Noob1

    Basic training in 4 days

    I’m going to pirbright for my phase 1 basic training and feeling anxious and a little nervous about the unknown as it means so much to me to succeed as it’s a big step in my life. Does anyone have any tips on how to cope with this? Also as well as leaving my family my girlfriend is going to...
  14. Noob1

    Phase 1 basic training kit help/ advice needed

    I’ll keep it short and to the point all advice good and bad is welcome:D I’m starting my phase 1 training in 11 days in pirbright and have bought most of the kit on the kit list however I’m struggling with where to get some of it from/ the requirements. If anyone has any links for the right...
  15. Noob1

    Joining as a chef basic training questions

    I have recently completed my AC in Scotland and got my start date for phase 1 basic training in pirbright starting on the 8th of September. My job role is a chef in the rlc and wondered if they taught you how to drive/ helped you get your driving licence in basic training like other job roles...
  16. T

    ATR Winchester - joining in 2019

    Anyone starting basic on the 8th of september 2019?
  17. T

    Basic training intake dates

    Afternoon guys and girls, I am hoping to join the engineers and currently waiting for my AC dates if my medical records are all hunky dory. I was wondering if anyone knew if basic training intakes are on a set rotation e.g. 4 intake per year at pirbright and dated as such, 1.jan 2. april 3.july...
  18. R

    Medical Deferral, What Now?

    Yesterday, i received a medical deferral for a migraine i had around a year ago. I will have to wait until l April 2020 (14 months from now) before i can even reapply. Obviously i am gutted as i had my heart set on this but such is life and i very much plan to reapply in April of next year...
  19. Q

    How long until fully trained and potentially deployable?

    Hello Everyone, I'm In the process of applying for the Army Reserve - meeting the unit i want to join next week (intelligence) and have an appointment with the GP to fill out/send off the medical forms booked in. I'm probably getting ahead of myself here, but if everything goes well and i get...
  20. JNM

    Background check debts.

    Passed checks, apparently student debts and overdrafts don’t matter
  21. JNM

    Accommodation questions during training

    Due to start basic in Feb and I know what P1 accommodation will be but phase 2 info and beyond is a bit harder to find. Is there any change from P1 to P2 accommodation or is it basically the same? Also I’m going into REME, when you’re attached somewhere do you go into the same place as...
  22. d3adp1zzab0y

    Tattoos At AFC Harrogate

    hello, I am currently at school doing GCSEs and have already sent in my application for Harrogate. i'm waiting to hear back about my interview and selection day but have a question about tattoos. I love tattoos, and i've wanted them since i was really young. Last year i thought "what's the...
  23. C

    Medical form. Application to join.

    I've applied to join the army (with intentions of going to AFC Harrogate in September 2018). I have a few things to ask: 1) I've taken the Medical form for my GP to fill in (where they enclose my medical history) but they said it could take up to 2 weeks for them to sort it. How will I know when...
  24. 1

    Bmi over limit at phase 1??

    Hi I'm 16 and set to start at Harrogate for the long course on the 1st of October. I recently weighed myself and realised that I will be over the limit of 27 and won't have enough time to loose enough weight before I start. The reason I put on weight is that I let myself go a bit as it was my...
  25. B

    Joining the paras query

    Hey all, thanks for taking the time to read my post! First things first, I've always wanted to join the army since I was pretty young and finally applied when I was 20 and in the end I received a deferral on my paperwork side of the medical process. Putting that aside, I have always been...
  26. D

    Training after selection

    My boyfriend is in the process of joining the army. He is just on his selection date and I was wondering how long on average does it take for them to start their training after their selection date? Thanks