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  1. Cynical

    Cold War Test Pilot

    Combat aircraft are complicated things, designed and operated by fallible humans to do dangerous stuff. Even the computers now necessary to keep them airborne are programmed by fallible humans. Making sure that they work as intended and safely is the job of a test pilot, who earns his pay by...
  2. MoleBath

    Caribbean Legion and it’s Mercenary Air Forces 1947-1950

    The immediate post war years were tempestuous times in the Caribbean with much coming and going of strong men presidents and a keen US interest in those leaning to the left. The Caribbean legion was a shifting alliance of progressive forces seeking to democratise the region. Not as a Marxist...
  3. JINGO

    The Berlin Airlift.

    As The celebratory cheers of VE Day had barely died in the throats of a war weary population, Europe was being carved up by the Victors with a view to ensuring that never again would Germany threaten the peace being imposed upon it. However those in power were far from oblivious as to how the...
  4. Grey Fox

    The (Insert nationality here) military hardware trolling thread. Comments are required with initial post or will be deleted

    In this thread I suggest to discuss about news of Chines Airforce. Just for start: First time spotted: J-10C with the cruise missile KD-88. Earlier J-11B and JH-7 were spotted with it.