1. C

    Melbourne: public order, protestors vs police

    Some good footage of the disorder in Melbourne over the last few days. It seems some of the natives are upset about restrictions. Most recent: Last weekend: (The rapid clicking is the press man's camera, not live rounds, don't worry) It seems the Aussie bobbies are quite free with their...
  2. Robbo_72

    The CANZUK Connection

    Lots of drips and drabs around here, Might as well start a central chinwag on this fabulous plan of world dominance ;) I've been a fan and have been getting updates regularly over the last year or so... For those not in the know, it boils down to this: "A campaign to implement free movement...
  3. D

    Good PR or vomit inducing?

    I just saw this video produced by the Australian War Memorial about pride in wearing medals, featuring three rather fragrant young servicewomen. But, I have to admit that there was a bit of sick in my mouth by the end of it...what do others think? What would a UK version be like?
  4. B


    Federal government to offer farming families additional $12,000 cash in drought assistance The idiots running Australia have finally lost the plot. The bloody Prime Minister has announced a handout for "poor farmers" of $12,000 and raised the net asset threshold from $2.6 to $5 MILLION. How the...
  5. CanteenCowboy

    Pioneers of Armour in the Great War

    I initially wanted to review this publication as I was misled by the title, incorrectly believing it to an account of the first armoured units of the British Army in the First World War, as my own grandfather served in the Tank Corps in the War. When I received the book it was only when I...
  6. Olrence

    Australian submarine AE-1 discovered after 103 years.

    It was 13th time lucky for World War I submarine found after 100-year search RIP boys.
  7. D

    Australia is the dead end of the planet

    Australia is the dead end of the planet. People are rude. They don't look at each other. Houses are not homes, they are over priced commodities. Everything is over priced - $10 for a sandwich anyone? $12 for eggs? Parking at $7 and hour and fines are huge!!! School. The place where the...
  8. Olrence

    Australian politicians with foreign-born parents disqualified from sitting.

    We have had an increasingly absurd situation here over the past few months, where current sitting members are being ousted due to falling foul of a poorly expressed section of the Australian Constitution. The Constitution was cobbled together in the 1890's to meet the aspirations and protect...
  9. chuggafugga

    Australian senator defends wearing burka in parliament after backlash

    Looks like someones causing a lot of controversy, she's campaigning for the burka to be banned, "Pauline Hanson says wearing a burka is "not Australian" and tells people who want to wear one to "go back to an Islamic country", it also degrades security measures and poses an active threat...
  10. B


    Loved the place in the early 90's when I arrived; cheap steaks, V8 cars, mateship, pub culture, topless beaches, great weather, good wages. How has this place turned so shit so fast?
  11. B

    Australia needs a Trump?

    Smokes $35 a packet, positive discrimination for women, gays and NESB people in the public service, grog $10 a pint, myth of a labour shortage to allow employers to import scab labour, massive youth unemployment so our kids can't get jobs, more buggers marching in the Gay Mardi Gras than ANZAC...
  12. Olrence

    Extreme audition in Brisbane

    Actor shot dead on set. There's a director who doesn't muck around. Actor shot dead as Bliss n Eso music video films in Brisbane bar
  13. L

    Is there a officer and university course?

    Hi I'm been thinking of joint the British Army as an officer but I was wondering if there was a dedicated institution that would be provide you with military training and a university degree, similar to the Australian Defence Force Academy, where the government pays for most of your degree and...