1. C

    Any Help appreciated

    Hello, I have an issue regarding the medical checks etc. I have been 4 years clear of asthma however on my medical records it says I have had 2 cases of oral steroids used to treat asthma. This is a bar to entry for me however this was apparently used to treat a chest infection not asthma, would...
  2. Johnnhoj

    Undiagnosed Asthma

    A good friend of mine has been in the Army Reserve for a number of years. In recent times particularly in the night times he has informed me that he has suffered with wheezing and shortage of breath. This is particularly in the summer months where the pollen count is higher than the norm, in...
  3. mc2016

    Joining as a pilot

    I know its probably not the best place to post this so feel free to move it. I was just wondering whether the fleet air arm have a rule against asthma other than being 4 years clear, both the army and the raf say that a history of asthma tends to be a bar from pilot/aircrew training but i...
  4. R

    Do I have any chance of joining the British Army?

    Hello I am fully aware of the countless posts on here about asthma and I can guarantee I've sifted through just about all of them however, I wonder if anyone can give me some advice. I am currently 16 years old and on prescription for asthma which was diagnosed for me at a very young age...
  5. D

    Any way around Ashtma and joining?

    So I am currently In the process of waiting for my 4 Year period to finish (Sept 2017) of being cleared of being prescribed inhalers. I have wanted to join the British Army since I was 11 Years Old and I'm currently just working in a normal civvie job which is something I've never wanted and...