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  1. 4

    Assessment Centre - What to expect!

    This is everything I remember from the AC. Hope it is helpful to others. Anything misrepresented? my apologies. Day 0 - Arrival Arrive at the train station to be picked up around 17:00. Your assessment starts here. Dress smart casual. Be ready for a bag check. Have your Photo ID ready...
  2. M

    Told to consider becoming an officer?

    Hello lads, Recently passed assessment center to join as a reservist, although I'm planning to go full time in future once everything is wrapped up for me in civvie street. In my interview stage my interviewer began asking me if I was going for an officer role. I wasn't, I was just going to...
  3. F

    Assessment Centre - Glencorse 25th & 26th November

    Hi guys, First post here. I'm booked in to attend AC Glencorse next week (25th & 26th November) and just wondered if anyone else on here is booked in for the same dates? Would also be interested to hear from anyone who has gone through AC over the past couple of months and has any tips/info...
  4. A

    Army Cognitive Assessment maximum score?

    Hello, Title says it all really. I asked my interviewer at the AC but he just told me you need 60 to qualify for all roles. Can anyone give some context/background on these numbers? Cheers
  5. D

    What should I join?

    Hi, I have just completed my assessment centre and got a 7.8 on the bleep test which is good enough to get into anything apart from infantry I was hoping to get into infantry but didn't make it, what is the closest regiment or role to infantry? I'm thinking about Royal Artillery but wondering is...
  6. A

    Meeting the 2k time.

    Hi guys, So I've recently applied for Harrogate and I need to get my 2km time down to 11minutes. I haven't been given my selection date yet but I want to start getting ready straight away. I'm an elite athlete outside of the army but my cardio is awful and I find running so difficult. All the...
  7. S

    Joining REME - Bit of a belly on

    Evening all. As title suggests, I will be joining the REME as a Recovery Mechanic soon (Just waiting on date for Glencorse) and was wondering if this might be an issue? Backstory is, I lost quite alot of weight (17st 4lbs previously, 14st 1lbs currently. 5ft 9 for reference) and plan on losing...
  8. D

    Beep test assessment centre

    anyone got any tips for the beep test at assessment centre. Find it alot harder than the 2k run for some reason. cheers
  9. Jordan8w

    Assessment Centre tips. September 2020.

    Hello all! Im currently awaiting the date to go to my assessment centre which unfortunately has been dragged out to the Corona-virus pandemic. :( Im just looking for help and advice on the assessment centre. Ive been keeping fit and have just started revising maths again as its been 5 years...
  10. B

    I just need closure

    Hello all, This is my first post. and I am just writing this really to confirm something so it doesn't eat away at me. So I have an Assessment center date booked for the 24th-25th of September and I am looking to be going to AFC Harrogate October 3rd I am just wondering if this will still be...
  11. N

    My 2020 assesment

    ok guys here's all the details from my recent assessment at Glencourse Day1 arrived at the station train tickets provided by the recruitment team in good time met by one of the assessment staff bags loaded onto the coach ID checked and then coach loaded for a 20 min approx. drive to the...
  12. D

    Application withdrawn after operation?

    Hi there, I’m a first time poster after lurking on this site for tips and advice, and thought I’d ask here given Army recruitment are being a bit unclear. I’ve been training all year to get back into shape (losing a few stone in the process) and, having looked into it around March time...
  13. N

    Back acne

    Hello, Im am currently waiting on a date for the assessment centre, and I have acne scarring on my back and shoulders with like 3 - 5 active spots and I think a couple cysts not too sure but should I be worried about the medical ?
  14. Scottyhardstyle

    RGMD that is in date

    Hey guys, would love some help and info. Back last year (2018) I applied to join as a reserve. So I went through the process and completed my assessment etc. I was then told Litchfield had to wait for my RGMD; I waited and then received a letter saying my application was reject due to a...
  15. TAZ2


    Well... Just a quick one to find out who else will be going to glencorse?? And what should I expect from staff? Shinyyy Taz
  16. Bras19

    Running advice

    So I’ve got my assessment Center soon and I want to adjust/improve my running technique so I can run further for longer. I’ve got to run 2km in 10:15–11:15 maximum Got any tips?
  17. W

    Pirbright assessment centre 2019

    Hello this is just a thread to share knowledge about the new physical tests in the assesment centre and for sharing help on the cognitive test and the technical selection test.
  18. J

    What to bring to assessment centre?

    Going up to glencourse in the next few weeks for my assessment, but my CSM hasn’t given me a list of things I need to bring including ID etc, can anyone help me out? Thanks
  19. R

    1.5 Run time tips?

    So in about 1.5 to 2 months i will be going to the assessment centre. I am applying for the role of Infantry so need to be able to run a mile 1/2 in under 12:45 but as of today, can only run it in about 13 1/2 minutes. Is 1 to 2 months enough time to shed that extra time and what tips can people...
  20. JNM

    Certificate of Higher education value

    I'm currently preparing to go to Glencorse on the 14th for assessment and I've just received my Certificate of Higher education from uni (just dropped out this summer). Obviously taking it to assessment but was wondering how they're seen by the guys there due to my A-Level results not being...
  21. JNM

    Technical selection test advice.

    Waiting on a call to the assessment centre so currently prepping for the tests but was wondering what stuff is actually on the TST. It says GCSE maths but is that foundation or higher, are you allowed a calculator and does it have things like geometry in it? Not going to struggle with the...
  22. JNM

    Quick training HIIT help

    I’m Going to the assessment centre in 2-8 weeks and I’m planning on doing more HIIT to boost my fitness and shave hopefully a minute or two off my run time depending on the assessment date, wondering if the following would be a good schedule. Morning and evening sessions Day 1 - 1 session...
  23. J

    1 day assessment

    Hi guys Newbie here. Just wanting some advise. I have booked my assessment for 13th oct at litchfield but it only says that one day 9 till 17.00 Cant be a 1 day assessment can it? Or does it just say that anyway even ifs it 2 days. Cheers
  24. I

    Undecided job choice

    Hey, I have selection next week 11th July, I currently have the Royal Artillery as 1st choice and was interested in the special observer role however my fitness is of high standard my 1.5 mile run time is currently 7:45 and I feel I have a urge to go Parachute regiment espexially that I recently...
  25. V

    Assessment centre medical

    Now guys, I've had my army brief last week and everything went well and the guy told me he'd be in contact in a couple weeks for a date for the assessment centre, however I'm abit on edge as I've had an inhaler from my gp in the past that was given to me to try out for a week but I didn't use it...
  26. theadamsfamily._sufc

    How successful is a deferral appeal for not attending selection?

    New to this forum so sorry if I do anything wrong but here goes: I went to army selection a few months back in Pirbright, with hopes of going to AFC Harrogate in September for an infantry role. I made it through all of selection and I got to the interview, my overall result was I got deferred...
  27. Z

    Changing roles before I join

    When I applied, I applied for infantry. I haven't even had my assessment date yet but i'm thinking of changing. Can I do this? If so - How do I do it? Thanks
  28. M

    Officer Briefing Day (My Thoughts)

    Hi all, The main purpose of this post is to inform you what to expect on your Officer Breifing Day as I have recently completed mine and thought I'd share the experience. The day begins at 1000hrs but make sure that you arrive earlier (prior to 0940) otherwise it obviously looks bad on you. I...
  29. D

    Need some advice

    Do you think we're all doctors on here? Go and see one.
  30. H

    I'm struggling with my fitness

    I'll start off by saying I'm 6ft1 and around 10.2 stone, so I'm not overweight. I've already applied to join the British Army. My only issue is I'm fitness sucks and I don't really have the money to pay for a gym membership as I'm only 17. I'm concerned that I will be turned down at the...
  31. R

    Numeracy test

    Regards to the numracey test what should I be looking at prior before going to the assessment centre.
  32. Saban

    R Sigs Communication System Engineer

    Hi, so i've got my assessment centre on the 16th this month. Im not sure how long i will be at harrogate or blandford (for phase2). Is the 23 weeks the total amount of time for both courses? Also is there anything else i will need to know for my interview? Thanks.