assement centre

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    Passing assessment with Bmi of 32,but fit enough to pass all assessment Center day tasks. Will I still pass?

    Basically I have my assessment Center in 2weeks time I’m worried I won’t get in because of my Bmi I’m 21 years old I’m a male my Bmi is 32 with 105cm waist My fitness is up to scratch and I’m a rejoiner so I’m 100% sure fitness wise I’ll have no problems with and will continue to do my...
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    Assessment centre

    Could you go fro a different job that you hadn’t considered before, and were fit and cleverer enough for at the assessment centre. Or do you have to take the one you applied for. For example could someone who applied for engineers having passed all the test for infantry at assessment centre...
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    Paras vs Rifles

    Hi there. Trying to decide weather to go paras or rifles. If the training is similar for the most part besides p company ill probably go for paras. Im under the impression training from day 1 with the paras is a a lot harder than normal infantry regiments such as rifles. Mentally Id like to...